Shar Myar Kay’s Story

An SDC studentQ: What is your background and history?

A: I was born in Daw Liah Lee, Demawso Township, Karenni State on August 6th 1995. When I was young, I stayed with my family. When I was seven years old, the police arrested my father. He was accused of being a thief. He said he did not do anything. At this time, my mother looked after me and my seven siblings. She could not find enough money to support us so I moved away to stay with my uncle in another village. During those two years, my younger sister passed away. After two years my father called me to the refugee camp with him. My mother and other siblings did not come here. My mother moved to camp in 2010.

Q: Can you describe your experience in Karenni Refugee Camp 1?

A: When I started living in the camp, I missed my village and I was not happy. Before, I came to the refugee camp I could not go to school because my uncle could not pay the school fees. I wanted my mother to come stay with me but my mother didn’t want to come. I often called my mother’s phone. She came in 2010. When I started studying in camp, there were only 5 students in my class and I was unhappy because I could not read and write Karenni also I didn’t have any friends. After a year, I learned to read and write Karenni language and I had many friends so I was happy.

Q: Why did you apply to SDC?

A: I applied for SDC because I wanted to study social subjects. In my life, I could not study about   social subjects. I wanted to learn about human rights, democracy and law. For me, the most important subject is human rights. It is the most important because while I have stayed in the refugee camp, I have seen violence. I need to share this information with our community. I want citizens to know about human rights.

Q: What are you doing now?

A: Now, I am studying on the advanced community management training course. At the moment I have been studying English. I want to speak English very well. I am also interested in the environment. In the refugee camp it is very dirty because people do not know about this issue. I think report writing can help with this issue. We need to write reports to the Environmental Health workers then they can know about the problems.

Q: What do you want to do in the future?

A: After SDC school, I want to go back to the refugee camp and share about human rights and give trainings. I want to do this because I want to help in the refugee camp. I also want to help in Karenni State so people can know about human rights and won’t be violent to each other.

Q: Do you have anything else you would like to say about SDC?

A: SDC School is very good. The subjects they provide are very beneficial to our community. They are good for jobs and very good for our community to help people. All students can benefit from learning these subjects.