Our Staff

SDCAung Sun Myint Steven, EarthRights School, Class of 2000
General Coordinator

  • Student Advisor
  • Community Relations (ERS, Alumni, Refugee Community)
  • Proposal and Report Writing
  • School and Project Planning
  • Inside Program Coordination


SDCKhu Myar Reh, EarthRights School, Class of 2007
Principal / Treasurer

  • Democracy Trainer
  • Student Affairs
  • Alumni and Community Coordination
  • Proposal and Report Writing
  • Volunteer Liaison and Recruitment


P1080818Maw Thyamar, EarthRights School, Class of 2008
Trainer / Accountant

  • Trainer (Environment, Social Studies)
  • Accounting and Financial Report Writing
  • Dormitory Management
  • Proposal and Report Writing
  • School Project and Schedule Drafting
  • Program Coordination
  • Guest Teacher Coordination
  • Student Welfare Assistance


Khu Klaw Reh, KSDC Advanced Community Management Training Course, Class of 2009
Human Rights Trainer/ Students’ Affairs

  • Human Rights
  • Child Rights
  • Indigenous People’s Rights
  • Women’s Rights
  • Facilities Management
  • Resource Monitoring


Pa Pa Moe, Karenni SDC Class of 2013, Wide Horizons Class of 2015
Human Rights Trainer
  • Rule of Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Humanitarian Law



Deh Ni, KSDC Advanced Community Management Training Course, Class of 2013
Teacher Assistant

  • Office Assistant
  • Facilities Management
  • Resource Monitoring



Neh Reh, Karenni Leadership and Management Course, Class of 2008
Computer Trainer  

  • Computer Training
  • Media Editing




KSDC has had many international volunteers since it was founded in 2002.

If you are interested in volunteering at our organization, you can find out more here.