Alumni Success

SDC Alumni 2013 – Present

Our most recent alumni are already delivering results and making change in their communities. 

Klaw Reh’s Story 2014 – 2015. Read the story of Klaw Reh. A fire destroyed his home during his time at SDC but he continued to work and study hard for his community.

Shar Myar Kay’s Story 2013-2014. Read the story of Shar Myar Kay. She spent her childhood in Karenni State but later had to move to Karenni Refugee Camp 1.

Deh Ni’s Story 2012-2013. Read the story of Deh Ni, a long-neck Kayan. Since completing our Advanced Course, he has joined our organisation as a teaching assistant and to serve his community.

Law Wha’s Story 2012-2013. Read the story of Law Wha, a former SDC student, who is now working as a teacher in his community.

Nga Meh’s Story 2012-2013. Read the story of Nga Meh, who spent her whole life in Refugee Camp 1. She is now an office worker supporting the education of young Karenni people.

Reh Saung Oo’s Story 2012-2013. Read the story of Reh Saung Oo. With his education from SDC, Reh Saung Oo was soon able to become a director of a vocational training organisation within Karenni Refugee Camp 1.