Since 2002, SDC has trained over 500 young men and women thanks to the generosity of its donors. With your support we can continue to provide courses for Karenni youth and equip them with the tools they need to become leaders in their communities and contribute to the peace process in Myanmar. You can support us by:

Monetary Donations 

If you wish to make a financial contribution to the Karenni Social Development Center, you may do so through the PayPal  link below. We greatly appreciate your support!

Donation Options


Helping us grow our program

KSDC now has 50 Basic Course students and 20 Advanced Course students.  Additional funding houses, feeds and trains more students and provides access to education for young Karenni people passionate about helping their community.

Donating computers, laptops and e-readers for students

The students have grown up without computers, but access to technology helps them to improve their skills and offers additional English language practice. At this time, donations of new and gently used electronic items (projectors, printers, cameras etc.) and office equipment are most appreciated.

Supporting the Inside Program

We believe that real change for Myanmar is going to happen at the grassroots level.  Select SDC alumni travel to Karenni State several times a year to conduct research, mobile trainings and outreach activities. With additional funds we can run more trainings and reach more people.



Students use e-readers kindly donated by Renee Mulligan.
Students work on laptops kindly donated by Renee Mulligan.
14 May Lesson - Penguin Readers
Students practice reading skills using Penguin Readers kindly donated by Elinor Costa-Low.