What We Do

Karenni Social Development Center was set up in 2002 by graduates from the EarthRights School Myanmar in order to provide human rights, democracy, law and environment training for youth living in Karenni Refugee Camp #1 on the Thai-Myanmar border. 

SDC runs three main projects every year:

Basic Course

This is our main project and it has been running annually since our formation in 2002. It is a 10-month course which provides training in Democracy, Environment, Human Rights, Law and English. The course also includes a fieldwork component where students research issues within their community.

Advanced Community Management Training Course

Wanting to further our students’ skills, we introduced this course in 2008. Here, students learn about Community Organisation, Project Planning, Research, Campaigning and Lobbying, and improve their English skills.

Inside Program

In addition to our educational courses, our alumni also run activities and training workshops inside Karenni State. These are specifically designed to provide the local people with the knowledge that will protect them and bring about a free and open democracy for all Karenni people.

Additional Activities 

Furthermore, SDC runs a number of activities inside the Refugee Camp during the school year. These include our graduations, opening ceremonies, and Human Rights Day and Environment Day celebrations. We also attend events by other organizations to show our school’s support for social issues in the camp.

Information about all of our projects and programs is available in our KSDC Brochure. This can be printed out and given to anyone interested in our program!

For additional information regarding ways to support our Center and our students check out the infographics below:

What $5 can do at the SDC

Breakdown of Spending at the SDC

SDC Infographic